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SAVVi Code’s Journey To Empowering Innovation Globally

Learn more about SAVVi Code. A global network of professionals supporting Vietnamese companies and founders in the tech startup space. They come together to connect and collaborate around innovative ideas that are brought to life through the spirited entrepreneurship of founders.


From Vision To Action – Alabama Forward’s Journey Towards Equality

Alabama Forward is an organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement and progressive change. Learn about their partnership with Networked, and how they’re advancing Alabama towards greater freedom and equity by actively involving its citizens in democratic processes.


Vietnamese Leaders Forum – Their Journey Towards Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Step into the world of the Vietnamese Leaders Forum (VLF), where a network of dedicated Vietnamese leaders is shaping the future of the global Vietnamese community. Committed to fostering success and mentorship, VLF nurtures the next generation of leaders, ensuring a bright and empowered future for all.


How Women Lead: Their Journey Towards Gender Equity

Discover the mission of How Women Lead, an influential organization dedicated to promoting women’s leadership and gender equity. Learn about their partnership with Networked, enhancing their vision through technology. This article delves into the organization’s impact, its founder Julie Castro Abrams’ goals, and how you can join their powerful network of change-makers striving for a more inclusive world.


Empowering Women In Business: HerClub’s Solution to Golf Networking Challenges

In the fast-paced corporate world, networking opportunities are often abundant, but women have historically faced challenges in accessing certain avenues, particularly those occurring on the golf course. Recognizing this disparity, HerClub, a valued customer of Networked, has emerged as a pioneering community dedicated to empowering corporate women to own their careers both on and off the green.

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