Women Business Collaborative – Their Journey Towards Equal Position, Pay, And Power For All Women In Business

We’re proud to be working with “Women Business Collaborative.” This incredible community, driven by a clear mission for equal position, pay and power for all women in business, has been truly inspiring. Since our mission is to empower communities through technology, our partnership with WBC showcases this commitment. 

Introducing Women Business Collaborative

Women Business Collaborative (WBC) is an unprecedented alliance of 80+ women’s business organizations and hundreds of business leaders building a movement to achieve equal position, pay, and power for all women in business. We activate a vast alliance to attain immediate and long-term results around four essential action initiatives;

🔵 Women CEOs and in the C-Suite
🔵 Women in the Boardroom
🔵 Women in STEM
🔵 Women Entrepreneurs and in Capital.

WBC believes in accelerating positive change in these ways:

✅ Collaborate & Coordinate – WBC has united more than 400+ people and organizations, activating our vast network to attain immediate and long-term results around four essential action initiatives. Through collaboration, we are rethinking how change is made and working towards equity faster together.

✅ Convene & Support – Working in silos, change will not occur. We convene an audience of thousands across all our virtual and in-person events, including our annual Action for Impact Summit, which features a full day of programming for an audience of over 3K.

✅ Aggregate & Amplify – As thought leaders, we share best practices and proven strategies for advancing women in business. Our movement is powered by original content like our DEI Snapshot report that shines a light on 500+ organizations and their effort in DEI. WBC aids in producing several reports throughout the year to spearhead transparency for change.

The power of combining the collaborative approach with their movement is already creating momentum and accelerating the pace of change for all women in business.

If you are interested to join their awesome community and become part of the movement, you can request to join WBC here.

How Networked Is Supporting Their Vision?

To bring their community to life online, Networked provides WBC with purposeful networking technology, both via the web and native mobile apps.

Inside Networked, WBC members are engaging in discussions tailored to their interests and needs, therefore creating genuine connections and a sense of belonging. Since our platform provides a safe and private environment, everyone is participating meaningfully in conversations that matter regarding sensitive issues, personal experiences, and seeking advice without fear of judgment.

But beyond building this non-judgmental space, Networked is helping WBC spotlight the need for gender, diversity, and pay parity in the workplace.

If you’re curious to learn how Networked can bring your community to life, let us know. You can book a demo or try the technology by signing up.

For women interested in becoming part of WBC, you can request to join here.


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