From Vision To Action – Alabama Forward’s Journey Towards Equality

We’re genuinely proud to be collaborating with Alabama Forward since 2020. Witnessing their dedication to empowering Alabamians and fostering positive change in the democratic process has been truly inspiring.

Introducing Alabama Forward

Alabama Forward is an organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement and progressive change. Their community is commonly referred to as a “table,” symbolizing its role as a gathering point for various organizations across the state. Its primary goal is to advance Alabama towards greater freedom and equity by actively involving its citizens in democratic processes.

Alabama Forward operates with a clear mission: to create a diverse network of nonpartisan organizations committed to addressing progressive civic issues and encouraging inclusive democracy in Alabama. Rooted in principles of democracy and racial equity, the organization aims to empower all Alabamians to participate meaningfully in shaping the state’s future.

At its core, Alabama Forward is guided by values such as freedom, justice, leadership development, equity, responsibility, movement building, fairness, neighborliness, hope, and shared prosperity. That means every decision and action from this organization is aligned with these core principles.

Alabama Forward focuses on a few key areas: making sure everyone has a voice, helping develop new leaders, and building power from the ground up. By giving a platform to marginalized groups and supporting leadership development, they are hoping to break down barriers and bring about real change.

Some member organizations part of Alabama Forward include…

✅ Transform Alabama: Engages everyday people in making their communities better.
✅ United Women of Color: Works to empower and advance diverse communities.
✅ ¡HICA!: Advocates for economic equality and social justice for Latino and immigrant families.
✅ ACIJ: Defends the rights of immigrants through grassroots efforts.

Whether you’re an advocate, organizer, or concerned citizen, there’s a place for you at Alabama Forward. If you want to join the community and create a brighter, more equitable future for Alabama you can request to join here.

How Networked Is Supporting Their Vision?

By building a community on Networked, Alabama Forward has created a dedicated space for clear communication among coalition members and supporters.

Alabama Forward is leveraging Networked to effortlessly share crucial information, resources, and updates, therefore empowering members to stay well-informed and ready for action.

If you’re curious to learn how Networked can bring your community to life, let us know. You can book a demo or try the technology by signing up.

For those interested in becoming part of Alabama Forward, you can request to join here.


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