SAVVi Code’s Journey To Empowering Innovation Globally

Working closely with the visionary team at SAVVi Code has been truly rewarding. Their commitment to driving innovation, building meaningful connections, and supporting the growth of Vietnamese tech startups resonates with our values at Networked.

Introducing SAVVi Code

SAVVi Code is a global network of professionals supporting Vietnamese companies and founders in the tech startup space. They come together to connect and collaborate around innovative ideas that are brought to life through the spirited entrepreneurship of founders.

Embedded within their name is a simple yet powerful principle: “DO GOOD.” At SAVVi Code, they firmly believe that doing good not only feels right but also brings tangible benefits. Their commitment to making a positive impact drives their actions, knowing that small acts of goodness can create lasting change.

The story of SAVVi Code begins in the early 2000s, sparked by a group of Vietnamese American professionals inspired by President Clinton’s visit to Vietnam. Starting as the Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network (VSVN), they quickly expanded and evolved into the Vietnamese Strategic Ventures Network, establishing chapters across California, Texas, and forging partnerships in France.

In 2010, they took a bold step forward, establishing a presence in Vietnam and rebranding as Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International, or SAVVi. This transformation reflected their commitment to welcoming global interest in Vietnamese innovation while staying true to their mission of supporting the rise of Vietnamese tech unicorns.

But SAVVi Code is more than just a network or alliance. It’s a community driven by collaboration and purpose. They are dedicated to nurturing an ecosystem where innovative ideas thrive. Together, they aim to redefine success in the tech startup world, one meaningful endeavor at a time.

If you want to become part of the SAVVi Code community & support their mission you can request to join here.

How Networked Is Supporting Their Vision?

SAVVi Code was founded with the vision of creating an ecosystem for like-minded individuals. And that’s when our collaboration began. Leveraging Networked, their members are effortlessly engaging in discussions, events, and knowledge-sharing. SAVVi Code is focusing more than ever on the core of their mission – building meaningful connections and nurturing the growth of Vietnamese tech startups.

Today SAVVi Code is on its way to become the next Vietnamese unicorn. The future promises continued innovation, collaboration, and a collective pursuit of doing good for the broader tech community and society.

If you’re curious to learn how Networked can bring your community to life, let us know. You can book a demo or try the technology by signing up.

For those interested in becoming part of SAVVi Code, you can request to join here.


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