Product Roadmap

We are constantly building and enhancing our product and suite of features. We love your feedback so dont’t be shy– it directly influences our roadmap.

A Quick Review of Current Features
Before we delve into what's coming up on the roadmap, here's a quick refresher on some of our most popular features available today. For the full list of features, please visit our website.
  • Native Mobile Apps: Robust and user-friendly mobile apps available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • Feeds: Engage with the pulse of your community. Share updates, participate in conversations, and maintain the community vibe.

  • Directories: Explore and connect. Search within the community, reach out, and forge stronger connections.

  • Events: Keep up with both virtual webinars and in-person gatherings. See who’s attending, and add events to your calendar with a single click.

  • Spaces: Establish sub-communities or interest groups organized by topics, interests, or geography. Customize them to meet your community’s needs.
  • Live Video Conferencing: “Huddle” offers live video conferencing technology, perfect for facilitating group meetings. The “Go-Live” feature allows a few people to broadcast live, enabling a broader audience to watch and engage with interactive discussions, likes, and comments.

  • Analytics: Gain insights into engagement and growth. Monitor active users and tailor your strategies to keep your community thriving.

  • Forums and Discussions: A designated area for forum-based discussions.

  • Media Center: Upload and organize PDFs, PowerPoints, photos, and videos. Access everything you need effortlessly.

  • Monetization: Open new revenue streams. Offer memberships, joining fees, and exclusive content access with flexible payment options to support your community’s growth.

  • Career Center: Connect aspirations with opportunities. Share jobs, internships, and more. Manage visibility with precise control.

  • Companies and Services: Showcase businesses and services within your community. Promote partners and offerings effectively.

  • Fundraising: Empower ambitions. Discover and share fundraising opportunities for startups, nonprofits, and causes.

  • User Profiles: Enable members to share about themselves and learn about others in the community, similar to a LinkedIn profile.

  • In-App Messaging: Connect easily with private or group messages across any device. Stay updated with push and pull notifications.

  • Invitations: Invite people to your community via email, link, QR code, or bulk invite. Effortlessly add a few people or thousands in seconds.

  • Applications: Streamline interest management in your community. Review and approve requests to join efficiently.

  • Referrals: Harness the power of word-of-mouth. Encourage members to refer others, facilitating organic growth.

  • Social Sign Up (SSO): Simplify community sign-up using existing credentials from LinkedIn, Google, X (formerly Twitter), or Apple.

  • Integrations: Achieve seamless integration with a variety of third-party tools and services.

  • Content Moderation: Implement robust moderation tools and two-step posting to promote healthy interactions and foster a safe online environment.

  • Branding: Customize your community’s branding and identity.

  • Notifications and External Emails: Manage notifications triggered by various actions, both in-app and via email, to keep members informed without overwhelming them.

For a comprehensive list of our features, please visit our website.

Q1, 2024 PREVIEW
Enhanced Privacy Customization

Elevate the customization and connectivity of your community like never before. Our new privacy settings for your main community and all Spaces allow you to control visibility options ranging from ‘internet users’ to ‘community members’ or ‘space members.’ This flexibility enables you to strategically showcase your community’s content and opportunities, aligning perfectly with your brand’s vision.

External Connectivity and Social Media Integration

Empower your users to seamlessly share updates from your network directly to their social media profiles. Whether it’s an event, photo, post, job, or more, everything can be shared externally via links or through integrated options, including Facebook, Twitter (now X), LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Telegram. All shares are beautifully formatted with media thumbnails to enhance comprehension and engagement.

Customizable Notifications

Gain more control over your notifications. You can now manage the triggers for both in-app and email notifications, ensuring that members receive timely updates without feeling inundated.

Lock Screen Feature

Introducing the “Lock Screen,” akin to a landing page, designed to share vital information about your community or specific Spaces with non-members to drive engagement and conversion. Customize this feature with images, banners, descriptions, calls to action, and more. Both your main community and each Space can utilize a Lock Screen to effectively communicate key benefits and information.

Updated Roles and Permissions

We have refined community management with new default roles—Admin, Moderator, Contributor, and Viewer—integrated directly into your settings. This enhancement simplifies the customization of user rights and permissions, providing precise control over community interactions. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create new roles and define their specific permissions.

Multi-Language Support

Expanding our reach, Networked will support multiple languages, offering more than 100 languages. Ask us if your language is ready. This addition is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our Spanish-speaking customers, enhancing accessibility and user experience across diverse communities.

Discover Pages

Today at Networked, content, opportunities, and individuals thrive within their respective communities. We are excited to unveil our new “Discover” pages, now equipped with advanced privacy settings. These pages enable the exploration of “open” content by users outside the community, significantly enhancing user engagement and fostering growth beyond your existing audience. This feature is designed to enrich the user experience and expand community discovery and interaction.

Q2, 2024 Preview
Enhancements and New Features

At Networked, we offer a versatile array of monetization avenues designed to empower creators, brands, and communities to thrive financially. Our platform facilitates seamless monetization by enabling:

  • Memberships: Admins can charge users for access to their communities, fostering a sense of exclusivity and belonging.

  • Gated Content: Unlock the potential to monetize exclusive content and opportunities, including premium articles, videos, or resources.

  • Premium Benefits: Offer subscribers premium benefits and features to enhance their experience within the community.

These monetization options can be easily implemented with a simple click, giving users full control over their revenue streams. Payments can be structured to suit individual objectives, whether through recurring membership fees, one-time purchases to unlock specific content, or a combination of both.

Enhancements to Analytics

At Networked, our robust analytics dashboard is designed to empower community leaders with precise insights to foster engagement, streamline user experience, and accelerate growth. We track a multitude of metrics, including:

  • User Activity: Daily and monthly active users (DAU and MAU), average session durations, and user growth rates.

  • Engagement and Retention: User retention rates, lifetime value (LTV), churn rates, and engagement metrics for every post, such as views, likes, comments, and shares.

  • Community Health: Onboarding analytics like profile completion rates, net promoter scores (NPS), and referral sources. This data optimizes the onboarding process and enhances user acquisition strategies.

  • User Segmentation: Detailed demographics like age, gender, geographic location, and device usage, enabling tailored content and marketing strategies.

  • Content Management: Insights into what content resonates most, guiding your strategy to maximize impact.

User activity differentiates between new and returning users, analyzes membership durations, and spotlights top contributors and their activities. This allows community managers to effectively recognize and reward the most engaged members. Our engagement analytics further measure overall user engagement percentages, activity streaks, and conversation rates, optimizing every aspect of community interaction. Finally, our performance metrics provide crucial insights into churned user activity, membership renewals, and sentiment changes over time. These metrics are essential for understanding the long-term health of your community and identifying areas for improvement.

By integrating Networked’s comprehensive analytics into your strategic planning, you gain not just a snapshot of current community dynamics but also predictive insights that help you stay ahead, ensuring a vibrant and growing digital ecosystem.

Feed Compilation

We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Your Communities’ pages on Networked, specially designed to streamline how content is shared and accessed within your community. This feature compiles all relevant people, information, opportunities, and content into a centralized, easily navigable experience for your members. By consolidating these resources, we ensure that community members can effortlessly stay informed about the spaces they care about and remain actively engaged. This enhancement not only simplifies user interaction but also boosts engagement by keeping members connected to the content that matters most, empowering them to interact more effectively and consistently within their chosen communities.

Enhancements To Live Video Technology

Our platform boasts powerful live video conferencing capabilities tailored for dynamic community interaction. “Huddle” facilitates group meetings in a Zoom-like environment ideal for interactive discussions, while “Go-Live” allows select broadcasters to reach larger audiences, enhancing engagement with features such as live discussions, likes, and comments. We are thrilled to announce new enhancements that will significantly boost the functionality and appeal of these tools:

  • Analytics for Live Events:  We’re introducing advanced analytics that allow you to track RSVPs and view real-time data on actual attendance. This gives you deeper insights into your events’ engagement and participation levels, enabling you to tailor future events to better meet the needs of your community.
  • Recording and Integration of Live Sessions: Additionally, we are rolling out the ability to record live sessions and seamlessly integrate them into your community. These recordings can be shared directly within Feeds, your media center, or even externally. This feature enhances the reach and impact of your events, providing lasting value and greater accessibility to those who cannot attend live.

These upgrades are designed to offer greater control and flexibility, enriching the live video experience for both hosts and participants by making interactions more measurable and content more shareable.

Q3, 2024 Preview
Multi-Feed Layout Optionality

We’re enhancing the way your community’s Feeds are presented to offer even greater customization and organizational capabilities. While the current vertical stacking of Feeds offers clarity and cohesion, soon you will enjoy the flexibility to refine how your community, spaces, and content are displayed by choosing between card and grid layout options. The card layout organizes your posts into uniform heights and widths, arranged neatly into columns for a streamlined and clean visual order. Conversely, the grid layout presents the full post without truncating any information, organized into well-defined columns and rows, allowing for a comprehensive view of each post while maintaining an orderly structure. These new layout choices are designed to enhance the visual appeal and navigability of your community, making it easier for members to engage with content that matters most to them.

Artificial Intelligence

At Networked, we are revolutionizing community management by leveraging the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI-driven features are meticulously designed to create highly personalized experiences that boost member engagement and satisfaction. These tools provide real-time recommendations, tailored content curation, and precise member matchmaking—each aimed at adding significant value for community owners and their members.

  • Moderation: AI automates the moderation process, ensuring content within your community adheres to set standards and policies. This not only helps maintain a safe and welcoming environment but also reduces the manual workload on community admins.

  • Content Production: Our AI tools assist in the creation and curation of content, generating high-quality, engaging materials tailored to the interests and preferences of your community members. This ensures a continuous stream of relevant content that keeps your community active and engaged.

  • Matchmaking: AI-driven matchmaking effectively connects members by aligning common interests, needs, and goals, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction by fostering meaningful connections within the community.

  • Transcriptions: AI-powered transcriptions convert live video and audio content into text format, making it accessible and searchable for all members. This not only enhances the usability of your content but also boosts engagement by making information readily available in multiple formats.

By integrating these AI functionalities, Networked aims to transform both social and commercial interactions within your community, ensuring that community owners can deliver a personalized, efficient, and engaging experience to every member. Embrace these AI capabilities to streamline your operations and create a dynamic, thriving community.

Q4, 2024 Preview
Online Courses & Learning Management System (LMS)

Expand your community’s educational offerings with a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). This integrated platform will allow users to create, deliver, and manage online courses, complete with lesson scheduling, assessments, and progress tracking. Members can also earn certifications, enhancing their learning journey within your community.

More API And Developer Tools

We are providing an API and developer tools that allow third-party developers to create integrations, extensions, and custom applications atop the Networked platform. This will enable users to extend and customize the platform’s functionality to meet their unique needs, offering endless possibilities for enhancement and integration.

Online Shops & E-commerce Platforms

Enable seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms, allowing community owners to facilitate the selling of products and services directly within the network. Features will include product listings, shopping carts, and secure payment processing, providing a streamlined shopping experience that complements your community’s offerings.

Enhanced Accessibility Features

Improving accessibility is a priority; thus, we are implementing features such as screen reader compatibility, alternative text for images, keyboard navigation, and color contrast options. Our goal is to ensure that the platform is inclusive and accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.


We are excited to introduce gamification elements to boost member engagement and motivation across your community. Implement features like badges, points, leaderboards, and challenges to reward and recognize active participation and achievements. This approach not only enhances the community experience but also drives a competitive and engaging atmosphere that keeps members returning.

Member Rewards Program

To further incentivize engagement and recognize member contributions, we are introducing a Member Rewards Program. This program will offer perks, exclusive content, and discounts based on member activity, engagement, or loyalty, fostering a sense of value and appreciation within the community.