Q1, 2024 PREVIEW

Q1, 2024 PREVIEW

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Enhanced Privacy Customization

Elevate the customization and connectivity of your community like never before. Our new privacy settings for your main community and all Spaces allow you to control visibility options ranging from ‘internet users’ to ‘community members’ or ‘space members.’ This flexibility enables you to strategically showcase your community’s content and opportunities, aligning perfectly with your brand’s vision.

External Connectivity and Social Media Integration

Empower your users to seamlessly share updates from your network directly to their social media profiles. Whether it’s an event, photo, post, job, or more, everything can be shared externally via links or through integrated options, including Facebook, Twitter (now X), LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Telegram. All shares are beautifully formatted with media thumbnails to enhance comprehension and engagement.

Customizable Notifications

Gain more control over your notifications. You can now manage the triggers for both in-app and email notifications, ensuring that members receive timely updates without feeling inundated.

Lock Screen Feature

Introducing the “Lock Screen,” akin to a landing page, designed to share vital information about your community or specific Spaces with non-members to drive engagement and conversion. Customize this feature with images, banners, descriptions, calls to action, and more. Both your main community and each Space can utilize a Lock Screen to effectively communicate key benefits and information.

Updated Roles and Permissions

We have refined community management with new default roles—Admin, Moderator, Contributor, and Viewer—integrated directly into your settings. This enhancement simplifies the customization of user rights and permissions, providing precise control over community interactions. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create new roles and define their specific permissions.

Multi-Language Support

Expanding our reach, Networked will support multiple languages, offering more than 100 languages. Ask us if your language is ready. This addition is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our Spanish-speaking customers, enhancing accessibility and user experience across diverse communities.

Discover Pages

Today at Networked, content, opportunities, and individuals thrive within their respective communities. We are excited to unveil our new “Discover” pages, now equipped with advanced privacy settings. These pages enable the exploration of “open” content by users outside the community, significantly enhancing user engagement and fostering growth beyond your existing audience. This feature is designed to enrich the user experience and expand community discovery and interaction.

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