A Quick Review of Current Features

A Quick Review of Current Features

Before we delve into what's coming up on the roadmap, here's a quick refresher on some of our most popular features available today. For the full list of features, please visit our website.

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  • Native Mobile Apps: Robust and user-friendly mobile apps available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • Feeds: Engage with the pulse of your community. Share updates, participate in conversations, and maintain the community vibe.

  • Directories: Explore and connect. Search within the community, reach out, and forge stronger connections.

  • Events: Keep up with both virtual webinars and in-person gatherings. See who’s attending, and add events to your calendar with a single click.

  • Spaces: Establish sub-communities or interest groups organized by topics, interests, or geography. Customize them to meet your community’s needs.
  • Live Video Conferencing: “Huddle” offers live video conferencing technology, perfect for facilitating group meetings. The “Go-Live” feature allows a few people to broadcast live, enabling a broader audience to watch and engage with interactive discussions, likes, and comments.

  • Analytics: Gain insights into engagement and growth. Monitor active users and tailor your strategies to keep your community thriving.

  • Forums and Discussions: A designated area for forum-based discussions.

  • Media Center: Upload and organize PDFs, PowerPoints, photos, and videos. Access everything you need effortlessly.

  • Monetization: Open new revenue streams. Offer memberships, joining fees, and exclusive content access with flexible payment options to support your community’s growth.

  • Career Center: Connect aspirations with opportunities. Share jobs, internships, and more. Manage visibility with precise control.

  • Companies and Services: Showcase businesses and services within your community. Promote partners and offerings effectively.

  • Fundraising: Empower ambitions. Discover and share fundraising opportunities for startups, nonprofits, and causes.

  • User Profiles: Enable members to share about themselves and learn about others in the community, similar to a LinkedIn profile.

  • In-App Messaging: Connect easily with private or group messages across any device. Stay updated with push and pull notifications.

  • Invitations: Invite people to your community via email, link, QR code, or bulk invite. Effortlessly add a few people or thousands in seconds.

  • Applications: Streamline interest management in your community. Review and approve requests to join efficiently.

  • Referrals: Harness the power of word-of-mouth. Encourage members to refer others, facilitating organic growth.

  • Social Sign Up (SSO): Simplify community sign-up using existing credentials from LinkedIn, Google, X (formerly Twitter), or Apple.

  • Integrations: Achieve seamless integration with a variety of third-party tools and services.

  • Content Moderation: Implement robust moderation tools and two-step posting to promote healthy interactions and foster a safe online environment.

  • Branding: Customize your community’s branding and identity.

  • Notifications and External Emails: Manage notifications triggered by various actions, both in-app and via email, to keep members informed without overwhelming them.

For a comprehensive list of our features, please visit our website.

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