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Alabama Forward

Alabama Forward is passionate about empowering every Alabamian to engage in the democratic process and fostering progressive, solution-oriented policies. Our commitment to promoting race and gender equity drives us to collaborate with a diverse coalition of partner organizations across the state, striving towards a future where all voices are heard and represented.


Felix Global

At Felix Global, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to fostering excellence in talent and organizational performance. With over 30 years of successful client engagements across various industries, we have partnered with a team of thought leaders to deliver integrated solutions that propel businesses towards unparalleled success.


Game Change Agency (GCA)

At GCA, we take pride in curating an exclusive and diverse community of decision-makers, influencers, and thought leaders from all corners of the business world. Our network represents a powerful microcosm of the global economy, connecting CXOs, SVPs, VPs, and GMs hailing from esteemed Fortune 500 companies to trailblazing startups led by accomplished founders. Membership in GCA is strictly by invitation only, ensuring that each new addition to our community is nominated by current members who recognize the potential and impact of fellow Game Changers.


SAVVi Code

As a global network of professionals passionately dedicated to supporting Vietnamese tech startups, SAVVi Code uses Networked to power our online community. Our journey as entrepreneurs and leaders has been an exhilarating one, and we are thrilled with the platform that Networked provides, helping us advance our mission to champion the next Vietnamese unicorn.


PGA Magazine

Since 2010, PGA Magazine, in collaboration with the PGA of America, has organized the prestigious “PGA Golf Professional of the Year” conference, a cherished tradition where outstanding professionals are honored for their remarkable contributions to the sport. We are working with Networked to revolutionize the way we connect and engage with golf professionals nationwide.


Beyond Board

As a highly curated and exclusive community, Beyond Board is on a mission to transform the landscape of executive leadership and board memberships. Our commitment to peer-to-peer networking, renowned thought leadership, and board opportunities has reshaped the traditional approach to recruiting, fostering a community that empowers diversity and inclusivity in the boardroom.


Women Business Collaborative

At Women Business Collaborative, our mission is to achieve Equal Pay, Position, and Power for ALL Women in Business. We are an alliance of national professional women’s organizations, united by a common purpose – accelerating change through collaboration, advocacy, action, and accountability. In our journey towards gender, diversity, and pay parity in the workplace, Networked has emerged as an invaluable tool that empowers us to drive action and strengthen our community of tens of thousands of diverse professionals, both women and men.


Vietnamese Leaders Forum

Vietnamese Leaders Forum (VLF) is a growing community of Vietnamese professionals, working together to uplift the success of the Vietnamese global community and its future leaders. With a profound mission to advance knowledge, foster business relationships, and promote growth, VLF is thrilled to be working with Networked.


How Women Lead

How Women Lead is at the forefront of the movement to disrupt antiquated, unequal systems, and we are proud to share how Networked has become a valuable ally in our mission. This transformative platform has proven to be the ideal solution for helping us propel women into greater leadership roles and creating a thriving community where women can connect, learn, and make a profound impact.

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