At Beyond Board, we’re all about shaking up the world of executive leadership and board memberships. Our mission is to bring diversity and inclusivity to boardrooms, and Networked has been a game-changer for us.

With Networked, our community has grown stronger. We’ve been able to connect people from all over, sparking meaningful conversations and discovering new talent that we might have missed otherwise.

The platform is super easy to use. Our members love engaging in rich discussions, sharing insights, and building relationships that go beyond borders. It’s amazing to see board members and executives working together and championing diversity.

One of the coolest things about Networked is how it helps us curate content and spotlight diverse voices. Our members are constantly inspired by fresh ideas and innovative thinking. This has made a big impact in their boardrooms and organizations.

Most importantly, Networked has helped us create a safe and respectful space where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. This is crucial for fostering a supportive environment that promotes growth, equality, and celebrates diversity.

Thanks to Networked, we’ve built a thriving community that thrives on the exchange of ideas. Beyond Board is proud to use this platform to work towards a more inclusive and empowered future, where boardrooms truly reflect the world’s diverse talents and perspectives.

If you’re curious to learn how Networked can bring your community to life, let us know. You can book a demo or try the technology by signing up.

For those who are interested in becoming part of Beyond Board – a highly curated and exclusive community of board members and board eligible executives – you can request to join here.


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