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Release 1.3.0

This update focused on improving load speeds, bug fixes, and other optimizations. Our next update will include highly anticipated new features and functionality. Please enjoy and have a great day!
What’s new
Performance Updates
This web release delivers significant performance improvements, achieving faster loading times and an enhanced user experience. The updates include reduced initial bundle size, smarter module loading, code organization and refactoring, optimized backend API calls, upgraded database infrastructure, improved CSS/SCSS structure, upgraded Webpack and React, and the introduction of NextJS for server-sided landing pages.
Bug Fixes
This web release, focused on performance improvements, has effectively addressed multiple bugs that were hindering the platform’s functionality. Notably, issues related to website loading, API calls, server crashes, and infinite reload loops have been thoroughly resolved, ensuring a seamless and bug-free user experience.
We are thrilled to unveil our latest web release, focusing on optimizing performance to provide you with a faster and smoother user experience. Here’s a breakdown of the enhancements:

Reduced Initial Bundle Size: We have significantly reduced the initial bundle size for first-time web loading. Earlier, it used to download 25 MB of bundles, but now we have streamlined it to approximately 2 MB, resulting in quicker loading times.

Smarter Module Loading: Our team has expertly segmented the web modules/bundles. Only the modules actively used by users load on the first-time visit, while others load dynamically when accessed, ensuring a more efficient and rapid loading process.

Code Organization and Refactoring: We have diligently organized and refactored the codebase, resulting in considerable speed improvements and a more maintainable code structure.

Optimized Backend API Calls: Backend API calls have been fine-tuned for optimal performance. Database access calls have been reduced and effectively cached using memory caching, contributing to faster API responses.

Upgraded Database Infrastructure: Our database infrastructure has undergone upgrades to handle increased throughput on connections, further boosting response times.

Improved CSS/SCSS Structure: We have revamped the CSS/SCSS structure, leading to reduced bundle sizes during initial loading, resulting in faster page rendering.

Overall Code Refactoring: An extensive code refactoring exercise was carried out, enhancing the overall codebase efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.

Webpack and React Upgrade: We have upgraded our frontend technology stack, incorporating the latest versions of Webpack and React. This upgrade has significantly contributed to improved performance and smoother user interactions.

NextJS Introduction for Landing Page: The introduction of NextJS for server-sided landing pages has significantly accelerated landing page loading speeds, offering a faster and more seamless experience for visitors.
Bug Fixes
We are delighted to present our latest web release, which not only brings significant performance enhancements but also eliminates various critical bugs that were affecting platform functionality. Here’s a closer look at the notable bug fixes:

Improved Website Loading: One of the major bugs addressed was related to website loading, especially for users with slower internet connections. Previously, the website used to get stuck while loading the bundle, leading to frustrating user experiences. With the performance updates implemented in this release, the loading process has been streamlined, ensuring smoother and more responsive loading times.

Stuck API Calls: Another prominent issue that users encountered was the app getting stuck during backend API calls, even after bundles were successfully loaded. This bug has been thoroughly addressed, ensuring that API calls now function as expected, providing users with seamless data interactions.

Server Crashes and Non-Functional App: The platform experienced occasional server crashes, rendering the app non-functional. This issue has been decisively resolved by implementing optimizations and autoscaling capabilities. With these enhancements, server crashes are effectively mitigated, and the platform remains stable and operational.

Infinite Reload Loops: A frustrating bug experienced by some users was the app going into infinite reload loops. This issue was caused by local caches interfering with newly fetched files, causing confusion and multiple reload attempts. With the bug fix, this behavior has been eradicated, ensuring consistent and smooth app performance.

These notable bug fixes are just a glimpse of the comprehensive efforts undertaken in this release to enhance platform stability and functionality. Our development team worked diligently to resolve a multitude of other bugs, ensuring a more reliable and enjoyable user experience. We value your feedback and support in our continuous endeavor to provide you with an optimized and bug-free platform. Enjoy the enhanced performance and a bug-free environment as you continue building meaningful connections within your community.


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