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Mobile 3.1.0

We’re thrilled to announce our latest mobile app features, designed to empower your community-building journey. You can now easily create communities directly from the mobile app. Additionally, the 3-Step Onboarding is now available on mobile, streamlining the community creation process. Experience the convenience of adding and managing 4 Opportunities modules at the space level, which was previously restricted to the community level. The user experience has been refined with improved layout for opening opportunities on the mobile app. Plus, we’ve expanded social login/sign-up options, enabling seamless access via Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, and more. Embrace these updates and unleash the full potential of your mobile community experience!
What’s new
New Features
The mobile app now allows easy community creation and streamlined 3-step onboarding, simplifying the process for users to set up and manage communities on-the-go.
This release brings expanded opportunities at the space level, improved opportunity access with thoughtful relayouting, and enhanced social login/sign-up options, offering greater flexibility and convenience for community engagement on the mobile app.
Performance Updates
Experience faster app loading times with this mobile release, as we have optimized data caching into your local storage. Enjoy a seamless and efficient app performance while minimizing internet usage.
Bug Fixes
This mobile release addresses various issues, including spacing inconsistencies in feed posts, improved image, file, and video posting, real-time refreshing of Spaces for recent notifications/messages, reduced message delay on Android, and synchronized disabling of the feed page on mobile with the admin dashboard.
New Features
Create a Community on Mobile

Building a community is now more accessible than ever. With this update, you can create communities directly from the mobile app, streamlining the process for on-the-go community setup.
3-Step Onboarding on Mobile

Enjoy the simplicity of community onboarding with the 3-step process now available on the mobile app. Previously limited to the web, this feature ensures smooth and efficient community setup on your mobile device.
Expanded Opportunities at Space Level: Experience enhanced community management with the addition of 4 Opportunities modules at the space level. Previously available only at the community level, this update provides greater flexibility in space-level engagement.

Improved Opportunity Access: We have thoughtfully relayouted the process for accessing opportunities on the mobile app, optimizing the experience for easier navigation and seamless exploration.

Enhanced Social Login/Sign-Up: Expanding your sign-up options, you can now access the mobile application using Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, and more, complementing the existing Google signing option.
In this mobile release, we are excited to introduce optimizations that significantly improve app loading speed and reduce data usage. Here’s what’s new:

Faster App Loading: Say goodbye to extended loading times! We have fine-tuned the app to load faster, ensuring a seamless and swift user experience from the moment you open the app.
Data Caching for Local Storage: To enhance efficiency, we are now caching useful data into your device’s local storage. This means that essential information is readily accessible, allowing the app to run smoother without the need for constant internet connectivity.
Reduced Internet Usage: By utilizing data caching, we’ve effectively reduced the app’s reliance on constant internet access. This update optimizes data consumption, leading to reduced data usage while using the app.

Embrace these enhancements and enjoy a more efficient and data-friendly mobile app experience. We remain committed to delivering a seamless and responsive platform, and your feedback is invaluable in our journey towards continuous improvement. Embrace these updates and relish the enhanced performance of our mobile app.
Bug Fixes
We are excited to present our latest mobile release, featuring a range of fixes that elevate your user experience and ensure real-time updates. Here’s what’s new:

Spacing Issues in Feed Posts Resolved: Inconsistent spacing between lines and images in feed posts has been fixed, providing a polished and cohesive look and feel throughout the app.
Improved Image, File, and Video Posting: We have addressed and rectified various issues related to image, file, and video posting, ensuring a smoother and more reliable posting experience.
Real-Time Refresh for Spaces: Spaces now receive real-time updates, promptly showing the most recent notifications and messages, fostering seamless and immediate community engagement.
Reduced Message Delay on Android: We have significantly reduced message delivery delays on the Android app, allowing for faster and more responsive communication.
Synchronized Feed Page Disabling: The mobile app now seamlessly synchronizes with the admin dashboard settings, ensuring that the feed page remains disabled on mobile when configured by the community admin.

We remain dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience, and your feedback has played a crucial role in these improvements. Embrace these updates and enjoy a smoother, more reliable, and real-time mobile app experience. Your continued support and valuable input drive us forward in enhancing our platform.


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