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Release 2.0.0

We are excited to present our latest update, featuring a range of enhancements to improve your Networked experience. The new Invite Link feature streamlines community invitations with customizable settings. Take charge of content moderation using the Content Approval Process. Easily search for posts on Feed pages, and receive notifications on the vertical menu for new activity within Spaces. Companies and Services showcase receives a significant revamp, and Fundraising Initiatives allow diverse fundraising opportunities. UI/UX improvements, bug fixes, and faster load speeds further elevate the platform.
What’s new
New Features
This web release introduces powerful new features, including the “Invite Link” for easy community invitations, the “Content Approval Process” for better content control, and the “Search on Feed Pages” feature, empowering users to find specific content within the feed.
This web release introduces prominent enhancements, including Vertical Menu Notifications for Spaces, a significant revamp of the Companies and Services feature, the addition of Fundraising Initiatives, and improved navigation for Spaces, empowering community owners and members with enhanced engagement and customization options.
Bug Fixes
As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, we have diligently worked on resolving various bugs reported by our users. Additionally, we have made general enhancements to make the platform more intuitive, reliable, and user-friendly.
New Features
We are thrilled to announce our latest web release, which includes exciting new features that enhance community management and user experience. Here’s what’s new:

Invite Link for Effortless Invitations: By popular demand, we have introduced the “Invite Link” feature, making community invitations super easy. Admins can now generate a unique link and share it with potential members. Clicking the link automatically adds them to the community. Admins also have the flexibility to edit link settings, adjusting the expiration date, limiting the number of users, and assigning specific user roles. This streamlined and customizable invitation method promises to be the easiest and most effective way to invite people to your community.

Content Approval Process for Better Moderation: Community admins now have greater control over shared content with the “Content Approval Process.” When enabled, community members can still post and share content, but before it is published to the community, an admin needs to review and approve it. This moderation feature ensures that only appropriate and relevant content is displayed within the community, maintaining a high-quality and safe environment for all users.

Search on Feed Pages for Improved Content Discovery: Enjoy enhanced content discovery with the “Search on Feed Pages” feature. Users can now conveniently search for specific posts or content within the feed, enabling quick access to relevant information and engaging discussions.
We are excited to present our latest web release, featuring a range of notable enhancements that elevate community engagement and customization. Here’s what’s new:

Vertical Menu Notifications for Spaces: Stay updated with ease! With this update, the vertical menu will illuminate with notifications whenever there is new activity in Chat, Feed, and Events within Spaces. This ensures that users never miss important updates, fostering seamless and timely engagement within the community.

Revamped Companies and Services Feature: Experience a big-time revamp of the Companies and Services feature. This versatile addition allows community owners to showcase companies within the community, creating a dedicated company directory. Additionally, it can be used to promote products, services, and more, offering endless possibilities for community monetization and growth. We value your feedback on this exciting update!

Introducing Fundraising Initiatives: A favorite among community members, this feature empowers individuals to post diverse fundraising initiatives for startups, charitable causes, and unique ventures. Users can share pitch decks, term sheets, funding pages, links, and more, fostering a supportive and philanthropic community environment.

Improved Spaces Navigation: Enjoy a more seamless and user-friendly navigation experience within Spaces. The View All page has received a design update, enhancing accessibility and organization. Furthermore, users can now easily click into a Space Category directly from the vertical menu, streamlining the exploration and engagement process.


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Exciting Updates Await! In response to popular demand, we've enriched Spaces with the Media Center, Career Opportunities, Companies and Services, and Fundraising Initiatives. Enhance user connections with improved location fields using Google Maps. Enjoy greater flexibility in the Media Center with link additions. Simplify sign-ups with Social Sign-Up (SSO) options like LinkedIn, Apple, and Twitter. Chat and Messaging improvements include group message names, message editing, and direct access to unread messages. Deleting Spaces is now possible, and status updates for "Away" or "Do Not Disturb" are available. Enjoy smooth Feed scrolling and other intuitive improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements for an optimized user experience. Embrace these enhancements and elevate your Networked journey!
We're thrilled to announce our latest mobile app features, designed to empower your community-building journey. You can now easily create communities directly from the mobile app. Additionally, the 3-Step Onboarding is now available on mobile, streamlining the community creation process. Experience the convenience of adding and managing 4 Opportunities modules at the space level, which was previously restricted to the community level. The user experience has been refined with improved layout for opening opportunities on the mobile app. Plus, we've expanded social login/sign-up options, enabling seamless access via Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple, and more. Embrace these updates and unleash the full potential of your mobile community experience!
We are excited to introduce our latest mobile app features, elevating your community engagement and posting experience. Social Connect now includes Google sign-up, enabling effortless access to the app. The login page has been thoughtfully relayouted for improved user navigation. Stay connected with likes and comments on feed posts, readily visible on your mobile device. Inviting members to your community is now more convenient, with options to send invites via email, links, or QR code scanning. Experience an enhanced posting journey and enjoy the ease of filtering content on the Feed Page. Embrace these updates and make the most of your mobile community experience!

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