Q3, 2024 Preview

Q3, 2024 Preview

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Multi-Feed Layout Optionality

We’re enhancing the way your community’s Feeds are presented to offer even greater customization and organizational capabilities. While the current vertical stacking of Feeds offers clarity and cohesion, soon you will enjoy the flexibility to refine how your community, spaces, and content are displayed by choosing between card and grid layout options. The card layout organizes your posts into uniform heights and widths, arranged neatly into columns for a streamlined and clean visual order. Conversely, the grid layout presents the full post without truncating any information, organized into well-defined columns and rows, allowing for a comprehensive view of each post while maintaining an orderly structure. These new layout choices are designed to enhance the visual appeal and navigability of your community, making it easier for members to engage with content that matters most to them.

Artificial Intelligence

At Networked, we are revolutionizing community management by leveraging the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI-driven features are meticulously designed to create highly personalized experiences that boost member engagement and satisfaction. These tools provide real-time recommendations, tailored content curation, and precise member matchmaking—each aimed at adding significant value for community owners and their members.

  • Moderation: AI automates the moderation process, ensuring content within your community adheres to set standards and policies. This not only helps maintain a safe and welcoming environment but also reduces the manual workload on community admins.

  • Content Production: Our AI tools assist in the creation and curation of content, generating high-quality, engaging materials tailored to the interests and preferences of your community members. This ensures a continuous stream of relevant content that keeps your community active and engaged.

  • Matchmaking: AI-driven matchmaking effectively connects members by aligning common interests, needs, and goals, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction by fostering meaningful connections within the community.

  • Transcriptions: AI-powered transcriptions convert live video and audio content into text format, making it accessible and searchable for all members. This not only enhances the usability of your content but also boosts engagement by making information readily available in multiple formats.

By integrating these AI functionalities, Networked aims to transform both social and commercial interactions within your community, ensuring that community owners can deliver a personalized, efficient, and engaging experience to every member. Embrace these AI capabilities to streamline your operations and create a dynamic, thriving community.

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