If your business has customers, you already have a community. You just need to collect them and have them interact somewhere. Preferably, an online space. And that’s where Networked comes into play.

Using our platform you can build a fully-customizable community where your customers can connect, interact, and engage with each other and with your company.

Branded Communities

Why do you need a community on Networked?

Since organizing offline communities is expensive, online communities are the safer way for you to make deeper connections with your customers. But building a community does not only improve your image or make your business look more professional. It also helps you in multiple ways:

👉 Enhanced customer engagement

Using tools such as interactive forums, real-time feedback, and personalized interactions on our platform you can deepen the connection with your customers. Networked empowers you to create a dynamic environment where customers actively participate, fostering meaningful engagement that goes beyond traditional communication channels.

👉 More loyal customers

Cultivate a loyal customer base by providing exclusive content, rewards, and community-only benefits that keep your audience coming back. With Networked, you can create a space where customers feel valued and appreciated, reinforcing their loyalty to your brand through special promotions, discounts, and early access to relevant content.

👉 Gather valuable feedback

Leverage direct customer feedback to improve your products and services, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Networked provides robust tools for gathering insights through polls, surveys, and dedicated discussion threads, enabling you to tap into the collective intelligence of your community and make informed decisions.

👉 Reduce customer churn

Our tools help you understand and address customer concerns swiftly, reducing churn and enhancing overall satisfaction. Networked serves as a proactive platform where you can identify and resolve issues in real-time, demonstrating your commitment to customer success and ultimately minimizing the risk of losing valued customers.

👉 Turn your customers into brand advocates

Empower them to share their positive experiences and attract new business. With Networked, you can recognize and appreciate active community members, providing them with badges, discounts, or exclusive privileges. This recognition not only motivates existing members but also turns them into enthusiastic advocates who contribute to your brand’s growth.

Leveraging our tools to get the most out of your customers.

Building a community for your customers is only half the battle. To truly reap the benefits of community building, you need an arsenal of tools. So let’s explore some of them and how they can help you.

💡 Customizable community spaces

Create a unique space for your brand on Networked. Tailor the look and feel to match your brand identity, providing a seamless experience for your customers. With customizable community spaces, you can showcase your brand’s personality, creating a welcoming and familiar environment that resonates with your audience.

💡 Real-time engagement tools

Engage with your customers through live chats, forums, and Q&A sessions. Build strong relationships with real-time interactions. Networked offers a suite of real-time engagement tools that facilitate instant communication, enabling you to connect with your community members when it matters most. Foster discussions, answer queries promptly, and create a lively, interactive community experience.

💡 Feedback and polling mechanisms

Gather valuable customer feedback directly through integrated polling and feedback tools. Make data-driven decisions to enhance your offerings. Networked simplifies the feedback collection process, providing mechanisms for polls, surveys, and dedicated discussion threads. Harness the power of customer insights to refine your products and services, ensuring they align with customer expectations.

💡 Analytics and insights

Track customer engagement and behavior with advanced analytics tools. Gain insights into community trends and preferences to reduce churn and drive growth. Networked’s analytics and insights feature empowers you to understand your community’s dynamics. Identify popular topics, track engagement patterns, and leverage data-driven insights to optimize your community strategy and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

How to get started?

Our team at Networked has optimized the onboarding process, so with just a few clicks you can create your dedicated community space for your customers.

You’ll notice the option to customize your community to reflect your brand, choosing the look and feel that resonates with your identity.

Right after you finish with the customization, you can send out invites. After your customers accept their invitation, you can immediately start engaging with your community, creating an interactive environment where relationships thrive.