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Networked is a fully customizable community building platform that offers a dynamic and user-friendly environment where individuals can shape their online spaces with precision and purpose. Whether you’re passionate about knitting, gaming, or anything in between, Networked provides the tools to bring your community vision to life and customize it in a way that resonates with your unique identity.

How Is A Branded Online Community On Networked Different From A Community On Social Media?

While an individual could have a community on social media, its control over that group might come with limitations or restrictions. Here are some key differences between Networked online communities and communities on social media:

1️⃣ Privacy

One primary difference between using a social media platform for your online community instead of a private company page is that, with social media groups, you have less control over the privacy of your members. The parent networking site of a social media page can access user actions and information. With Networked on the other hand, we prioritize user privacy with comprehensive controls and secure data handling.

2️⃣ Access to customer data

While some social media sites share valuable data and key performance indicators (KPIs) with brands, the networking sites themselves have sole access to customer data. Usually, accessing the data costs money and some sites might limit the data they share. With Networked on the other hand, you have a dashboard that provides analytics tools for understanding community engagement and user behavior. You can use this data to develop specific offerings or appeal to certain groups.

3️⃣ Community control

Finally, online communities that exist on social media sites have to follow the rules of those sites. While an administrator of a group page could monitor posts, they don’t have complete control over user activity. With a branded online community on Networked, you can have more control over activity within your group. Also, if a social media or networking site makes a major change, like updating their algorithms, community rules or user requirements, you’d have no proper control or warning for these changes. This means that you could lose an entire community or undergo drastic changes that will cost a lot of time and effort.

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How Interest Groups Can Leverage Networked Features To Connect, Share, And Build Thriving Communities

💡 Community Building

Networked allows interest groups to create a dedicated community where individuals with a shared interest can connect and engage. This provides a space for members to interact, share ideas, and form relationships with others who have similar passions.

💡 Resource Sharing

Interest groups can leverage Networked to share resources related to their specific interest. This can include articles, videos, tutorials, recommended books or websites, and other relevant materials. Members can benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise within the group.

💡 Discussions and Forums

Networked provides a platform for interest groups to facilitate discussions and forums around specific topics or subtopics. Members can engage in conversations, ask questions, seek advice, or share their experiences. This creates an interactive and engaging environment where members can learn from each other.

💡 Event Organization

Interest groups can utilize Networked to organize and promote events related to their interest. This can include meetups, workshops, online seminars, or virtual gatherings. Members can stay updated on upcoming events, RSVP, and participate in event-related discussions.

💡 Collaboration Opportunities

Networked can facilitate collaboration among interest group members. Members can form subgroups or teams to work on collaborative projects, share resources, or organize activities related to their interest. This promotes a sense of camaraderie and collective creativity within the community.

💡 Networking and Connections

Networked enables members of an interest group to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Members can explore profiles, send messages, and build relationships with others who share their passion. This fosters a sense of belonging and provides opportunities for collaboration or mentorship.

💡 Member-led Initiatives

Interest groups can empower their members to take leadership roles and contribute to the community. Members can initiate discussions, share their expertise, or organize activities within the group. This distributed leadership approach encourages active participation and fosters a vibrant and engaged community.

💡 Feedback and Suggestions

Networked provides interest groups with a platform to gather feedback and suggestions from their members. This feedback can help shape the direction of the group, guide content creation, and improve the overall experience for members. It demonstrates that the group values member input and strives to meet their needs.

How To Get Started?

Our team at Networked has optimized the onboarding process, so with just a few clicks you can create your dedicated community space.

You’ll notice the option to customize your community, choosing the look and feel that resonates the most with your identity.

Right after you finish with the customization, you can send out invites. After your members accept their invitation, you can immediately start engaging with your community, creating an interactive environment where relationships thrive.


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