In a world where conscious businesses are gaining momentum, Connexus Global Ventures stands out as a driving force behind the movement to accelerate female founders leading purpose-driven brands and businesses. With a clear vision and a mission to empower women entrepreneurs, Connexus is dedicated to creating a gender-balanced entrepreneurial ecosystem that thrives on the principles of people, purpose, and profit.

Female Founders

At the heart of Connexus Global Ventures is the belief that conscious business owners thrive when their personal values align with their work, products, services, and stakeholders. This alignment not only fuels their passion but also leads to the creation of memorable brands, profitable businesses, engaged stakeholders, and thriving communities.

The company’s mission is to equip women founders and leaders with the necessary tools and resources to build sustainable, profitable businesses while keeping their purpose at the core. Connexus offers a range of programs and initiatives tailored to meet the diverse needs of its community.

One of their standout programs is the FoundHER™ Accelerator, designed specifically for female founders who have already built their businesses but are seeking the essential tools and support to scale sustainably and profitably. Through this mentoring program, participants gain access to a wealth of resources, including global mentors, business tools, community support, and funding opportunities. The FoundHER™ Accelerator is an invaluable stepping stone for companies that have been in operation for 1-2 years and are ready to take their ventures to the next level.

Recognizing the importance of connection and community, Connexus Global Ventures also established the Connexus Collective. This vibrant online platform serves as a gathering place for busy women entrepreneurs to pause, take a seat at the virtual table, and engage in carefully curated conversations with like-minded founders and leaders. From webinars and panel discussions to fireside chats and networking sessions, the Connexus Collective offers a wealth of inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative opportunities.

Connexus Global Ventures is making a significant impact in the realm of conscious entrepreneurship. By championing female founders and their conscious brands, they are driving positive change and fostering a supportive ecosystem where purpose and profitability go hand in hand. Through their programs and initiatives, Connexus is not only empowering women to succeed but also shaping the future of business towards greater balance and purpose-driven growth.

With a strong commitment to their vision and an unwavering dedication to their mission, Connexus Global Ventures continues to be a guiding light for female founders and conscious businesses worldwide. As a trusted partner, Networked provides Connexus with robust community-building and communication tools, enabling them to connect, support, and amplify the voices of their members on a larger scale. Connexus is driving the future of business, where purpose and profitability coexist harmoniously, and where female founders are given the resources and support they need to thrive. 


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