In the vibrant world of local entertainment, one company stands out as the driving force behind connecting local entertainers, venues, and communities – Call Me Ozz. With a passionate dedication to promoting local talent and supporting local businesses, Call Me Ozz has become the go-to platform for all things entertainment in their area.


At the heart of Call Me Ozz’s mission is the desire to create a thriving and inclusive entertainment community. They specialize in dominating the karaoke scene, but their offerings extend far beyond that. With a diverse range of events and activities, including comedy shows, live music performances, theater productions, bowling nights, open mic sessions, and dining experiences, Call Me Ozz ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The strength of Call Me Ozz lies in their ability to bring together local venues and entertainers under one umbrella, fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for growth. By showcasing the talents of local artists and performers, they not only entertain audiences but also provide a platform for these individuals to gain exposure and build their careers.
From lively brew houses to captivating fine arts exhibitions, from thrilling sports events to mesmerizing magic shows, and from competitive billiards to exciting games of darts and foosball, Call Me Ozz has successfully curated a diverse array of entertainment options. They embrace the unique flavors of their local community, offering an immersive experience that showcases the rich cultural tapestry and talent that exists within their area.

What sets Call Me Ozz apart is their unwavering commitment to fostering strong relationships between entertainers, venues, and their audiences. By providing a centralized hub for discovering local entertainment, they bridge the gap between talented performers and eager spectators, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and support.

In addition to their dedication to promoting local entertainment, Call Me Ozz also places a strong emphasis on community engagement and involvement. Through their various events and initiatives, they actively encourage residents to come together, celebrate local talent, and contribute to the overall growth and development of their area.

Call Me Ozz has not only revolutionized the way people discover and experience local entertainment but has also become a beacon of inspiration for other communities to follow suit. Their passion for creating thriving entertainment ecosystems serves as a reminder of the power of community and the transformative impact that local talent can have on a region.

As Networked‘ valued customer, Call Me Ozz continues to leverage the platform to connect with their audience and strengthen their community. Their partnership with Networked enables them to streamline their communication efforts, engage with their members, and create a cohesive online space where the magic of local entertainment can flourish.

In conclusion, Call Me Ozz has established itself as a formidable force in the local entertainment scene. Through their dedication to promoting local entertainers, fostering community engagement, and offering a wide range of exciting events and activities, they have become the go-to destination for all things entertainment. With their commitment to supporting local talent and businesses, Call Me Ozz embodies the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and community-building that makes them an exceptional partner in the Networked family.


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