Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

Explore the exciting journey ahead as we unveil our strategic plans and upcoming innovations, shaping the roadmap for Networked’s evolution. Stay informed and be part of our vision to create a dynamic and cutting-edge platform tailored to meet your needs.

What’s new


During the current quarter, Networked is committed to advancing its platform with a strong emphasis on vital features. Users can expect the seamless integration of real-time video and audio conferencing within the networked environment, facilitating enhanced communication and collaboration. Additionally, we are diligently working to optimize content sharing capabilities across various social media platforms, empowering users to reach a broader audience effortlessly. The ongoing improvements to our content creation tool will provide users with a more intuitive and efficient experience. Furthermore, we are excited to introduce gamification elements to elevate the overall engagement and enjoyment of the Networked platform. Lastly, we are unwavering in our commitment to privacy and security, ensuring a safe and accessible environment for all users.
Video Conferencing: Integrate a video conferencing solution to facilitate real-time virtual meetings and webinars within the network. Enable features like screen sharing, chat functionality, and recording capabilities.

Enhanced Mobile App Features: Continuously improve the mobile app with additional features, improved performance, and user interface enhancements. Include offline access to content, push notifications, and mobile-specific engagement features.

Social Media Integration: Allow users to share content and updates from the network directly to their social media profiles.

Advanced Content Creation Tools: Offer advanced content creation tools within the platform, such as a visual editor, multimedia embedding, interactive elements, and content templates. Enable users to create rich and engaging content without relying on external tools.

Gamification: Introduce gamification elements to enhance member engagement and motivation. Include features like badges, points, leader boards, and challenges to reward and recognize member participation.

Advanced Privacy and Security Controls: Enhance privacy and security features to give users greater control over their data and network settings. Include options for data encryption, user permission settings, and GDPR compliance.

Upcoming Quarter Q4

What’s new

Looking ahead to the next quarter, Networked is dedicated to empowering its users with new avenues for monetization within their communities. We are introducing cutting-edge AI technology to expedite content creation while offering valuable insights on existing content, propelling community growth to new heights. Additionally, our team is diligently working on developing more advanced reports and analytics, equipping users with comprehensive data to make informed decisions and optimize their community performance. With these strategic enhancements, Networked continues to be your ultimate partner in fostering a thriving and rewarding online community.
Monetization Options: Introduce features for users to monetize their networks, such as paid memberships, courses, digital downloads, and sponsorships. Include payment processing integration and revenue tracking.

Advanced Personalization: Utilize machine learning and user behavior data to deliver personalized recommendations and content to network members. Provide personalized feeds, suggested connections, and tailored notifications.

Multilingual Support: Add support for multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base globally. Enable users to switch between languages and provide translation options for content and interface elements.

Member Rewards Program: Introduce a member rewards program to incentivize and recognize member contributions. Offer perks, exclusive content, or discounts based on member activity, engagement, or loyalty.

AI-powered Insights and Recommendations: Utilize AI and machine learning algorithms to provide advanced insights and recommendations to network owners. Offer actionable suggestions for content strategy, engagement tactics, and community growth.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Expand reporting capabilities to provide in-depth analytics and reporting on network performance, user behavior, and engagement metrics. Offer customizable reports, data visualizations, and automated reporting features.

Upcoming Year 2024

What’s new

In the coming year, Networked will focus on a comprehensive Learning Management System for online courses with progress tracking and certifications. Live webinars will enhance community engagement. Accessibility improvements, including Screen reader and keyboard navigation, will be prioritized. Additionally, we are excited to open our APIs, enabling seamless integration with external platforms, empowering the global developer community to innovate and expand the Networked experience.
Learning Management System (LMS): Implement a comprehensive LMS within the network, allowing users to create and deliver online courses, track progress, and issue certifications. Include features like lesson scheduling, assessments, and progress tracking.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms: Enable seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms to facilitate the selling of products and services within the network. Allow for product listings, shopping carts, and secure payment processing.

API and Developer Tools: Provide an API and developer tools to allow third-party developers to create integrations, extensions, and custom applications on top of Networked. Enable users to extend the platform’s functionality to meet their specific needs.

Integration with Webinar Platforms: Enable integration with popular webinar platforms, allowing users to seamlessly host webinars and live events within the network. Include features like registration, live streaming, and post-event recordings.

Accessibility Features: Improve accessibility by implementing features such as screen reader compatibility, alternative text for images, keyboard navigation, and color contrast options. Ensure the platform is inclusive and accessible to users with disabilities.
Current Available Features

What’s new


Throughout our journey of development, Networked has undergone significant transformations, resulting in a truly exceptional user experience. Our platform now offers personalized profiles, complete with pictures, bios, and contact information, fostering a strong sense of identity and connection among users. The activity feed keeps users up-to-date with chronological updates, discussions, and valuable content, ensuring constant engagement and information-sharing. Moreover, users can create and manage their own groups, cultivating thriving communities centered around shared interests. Within these groups, the interactive discussion boards promote collaborative knowledge exchange, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering a vibrant network for all. As we continue to evolve, Networked remains committed to enriching the lives of our users by building a dynamic and interconnected community.
User Profiles: Allow users to create personalized profiles with profile pictures, bios, contact information, and social media links.

Activity Feed: Display a chronological feed of updates, discussions, and content from the user’s network.

Group Creation: Enable users to create and manage their own groups within the network.

Discussion Boards: Provide a platform for users to engage in threaded discussions within groups.

Content Library: Allow users to share and access various types of content such as articles, videos, files, and presentations.

Direct Messaging: Enable users to communicate privately with other members of the network.

Notifications: Notify users about updates, new discussions, and group activities through push notifications and email alerts.

Mobile App: Launch a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms to enhance accessibility and enable on-the-go usage.

Member Directory: Provide a searchable directory of network members, allowing users to discover and connect with like-minded individuals.

Events: Introduce a robust events system, enabling users to create, manage, and promote events within their network. Include features like event registration, ticketing, and reminders.

Polls and Surveys: Enable users to create polls and surveys to gather feedback and opinions from network members. Provide customizable survey templates and data analysis tools.

Advanced Analytics: Provide users with detailed insights and analytics about their network’s engagement and growth. Include metrics such as user activity, content popularity, and member demographics.

Custom Branding: Allow users to customize the visual branding of their network to reflect their own unique style and identity. Offer options for custom themes, logos, and color schemes.

Enhanced Community Management Tools: Provide network owners with advanced moderation and community management features to maintain a healthy and productive environment. Offer tools for content moderation, member management, and community guidelines enforcement.

Integration with Third-Party Tools: Enable integration with popular tools and platforms, such as CRM systems, email marketing services, project management tools, and customer support software. Facilitate seamless data exchange and workflow automation.