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All the tools to build, manage, and monetize your community. Easy to navigate, organized, and fun for your people. Private, safe, and secure.

The best technology for your community

Networked is like having your own private social network. Bring your people together, share updates, organize events, facilitate peer-to-peer networking, drive discussions, and sell memberships. All-in-one place, all under your brand.

Native mobile apps included at no extra cost

Available on all devices, with native mobile apps included at no extra cost. Both Apple and Android.


Features that empower your community

All the features you need to manage and grow your community, your way. Private, safe, and secure.



Tell people about yourself, learn about others, build relationships.

Home feed

Escape the algorithm. Share updates, see what others are saying, join the conversation.


See who is in the community and their role. Send messages. Advanced search.

In-app messages

Send direct or group messages. Chat, hangout, build relationships.

Notifications and reminders

Personalized notifications keep you in the know on what matters. Push and pull. External email notifications. Across all devices.

Events and webinars

Organize events, bring people together, track responses, drive discussions, sell tickets, add to your website, export, include external links. Share events to the entire community or to a specific group.

Community management

For admin(s), all the tools you need to manage, grow, and monetize your community.

Career center

Share and learn about jobs, internships, boards roles, advisory appointments, guest speaking opportunities. Recruit talent.

Ask and offer help

Unlock the power of community by asking or offering help. Ask for introductions, recommendations, advice, and more.


For admin(s), gain robust insights into what's working and who's engaged. Designed to help you better manage and monetize your community.


Generate revenue and accept money with just one click. Safe and secure via our integration with Stripe. Customizable and flexible. Charge some or everyone to join the community. Create one-time fees or establish recurring subscriptions. Charge people monthly, quarterly, or annually. Charge for certain benefits, access to content, and opportunities. Sell tickets, offer discounts, and run promotions. Money is automatically collected and sent to your bank account via Stripe.


One of our most powerful features. Groups are a great way to organize people in your community by interest, initiate, topic, geography, or something different. Make one group rich with functionality and another more simple. Share content to the entire community or just to people in a specific group-- like an event, video, poll, etc. Organize groups together with categories and pin them to your main menu bar if applicable.

Polls and surveys

People like to know their feedback matters. Drive engagement and crowdsource ideas with polls and surveys.

Activity digest

Kind of like a newsletter but without the work. Activity in your community is automatically wrapped and sent via an external email, helping people stay updated. Just pick the frequency– for example, daily or weekly, etc.

Content moderation

Leverage automated and manual content moderation to ensure nothing inappropriate is being shared, or turn this feature off. Report inappropriate content, warn and block users, and remove the content if needed.

Link to website

Your community has a unique community URL than can easily be added to your public website making it easy for people to login to your community or request to join.


Accept applications from people who want to learn more or join your community. All incoming requests appear in your dashboard for review and approval. Export.

Media Center

Make information easily accessible. Save files, photos, articles, PDFs, videos, and links. Organize content with folders and find what you're looking for with search. Make it available to everyone or limit access. Pin content to the top. Download.


Networked makes it easy to invite people to join your community. Share a link, scan a QR code, send an email invitation, or bulk upload thousands of invitations. Manage, resend, and export sent invitations.


Grow your community by making it easy for current members to refer others. All incoming referrals appear in your dashboard for review and approval. See who is referring the most. Export. 

Profile builder

Use our proprietary profile builder to pre-populate profile pages with information like name, photo, location, headline, etc. People can edit their profiles at any time.

Add welcome message

Greet new community participants with a customized welcome message, saving you communication time and energy.

Guidelines and expectations

Communicate benefits, set expectations, establish dos and don’ts, or something different. Help people understand what is expected and how to best leverage the community.

Questions and interests

Set up various questions that you want people to answer. Questions are an excellent way to help people in the community build relationships. For example, ask about hobbies, and people can find others who share their interests.

Branded emails

External email notifications have your community's name, logo, and branding. Customize which actions trigger a corresponding email notification.

Custom domain

Easily customize your community domain. By default, it adopts the name of your community.


Via in-app messages, take private notes for each conversation to set reminders or add context to past discussions.

Native mobile Apps

Available on all devices, including native mobile apps, at no extra cost. Both Apple and Android.

Community Settings

Add your branding, select your features, establish user rights, and monetize your community. Make changes any time.

Calendar coordination

Finding time to meet can be challenging. Networked’s calendar solution via Calendly makes it easy for people to align schedules, equipped with personalized availability settings.


Going live is easy and we’re here to help

You can do everything on your own or speak to one of our experts. Either way, we’ve got your back. We offer self-service onboarding equipped with a guided tour, interactive to-do list, helpful videos, and best practices.


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At Networked, we’re on a mission to make the world a better place through communities. Each community is unique, with its own mission, network of people, and access to opportunities.

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